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Permaculture Education for Children

This is part of the wider Education 'lab' and focuses on the people, projects, ideas, dialogues, etc. (use as you wish) to do with permaculture and children.

Children's Permaculture Guild

7 de mayo de 2012 5:53
In honor of International Permaculture Day, the Children's Permaculture Guild is proud to present Kurent: A Journal of Permaculture for Children.

Kurent is a monthly journal featuring activities, games, articles, reviews, crafts, and more! Each issue will feature permaculture-based curriculum for young kids, older children, and adults (including resources for parents, educators, and teachers).

Kurent aims to provide hands-on activities and inspiration to encourage youth involvement in permaculture and earth skills.

Each issue of Kurent will be available in pdf or print format. For more information, contact


GROFUN are providing fun, practical vegetable growing workshops with experienced teachers/gardeners in two Bristol primary schools. The sessions tie in with the current curriculum and compliment what the children are learning in the classroom.

We’ve been working in schools for less than a year, so are on a steep learning curve. Any support would be greatly appreciated, and we’d be happy to share our experiences!

Kind regards, Abby

Children's PEACE Guild

I am happy to announce the launch of the Children's PEACE Guild (Permaculture Education Among Children Everywhere).  I will be introducing children to permaculture through natural art, cooperative games & activities, and hands-on projects.

Additionally, I am assembling the Children's Permaculture Resource Network to offer pamphlets, zines, books and information to kids, parents, and  educators as well as set-up a lending library here in Eugene, Or.

If you know anyone who might be interested I would appreciate it greatly if you could pass on this information.

Roman Shapla, Children's PEACE Guild

"Earthcare, Peoplecare, Fairshare, Childcare"


Phoenix PC for Kids

Spanish Email List etc.

There is an email list in spanish on the subject of bringing Permaculture to schools:

In Spain we have also created an Edible Forests Wiki which started with a school project, here can see the Green Adventures (London, England) story:  (click on yellow Babel Fish for english translation)

An innovative permaculture project teaches english in Barcelona to children whilst playing in the garden:

Portuguese Children's PC Book

Written by Lucy, contact her direct

Living Schools

A ‘living school’ demonstrates a new vision for a sustainable culture. All over the world models of best practice are showing that better alternatives exist and that these alternatives can provide the same if not a better standard of living without impacting adversely on our ecology or our fellow human beings.

These living schools are in community gardens, schools, homes, farms and parks. Many exist in isolation, rarely seen but highly developed and functional. Living schools incorporate appropriate technologies and are designed using the principles of living systems. Living schools acknowledge both the interconnectedness and complexity of current social and environmental problems, and the urgency of creating a new generation of informed and skilled community leaders. They foster a deep understanding of the natural world, grounded in direct experience that leads to sustainable behaviour.

Living Schools is a project that aims to promote the development of these models and to build the capacity of the organisations and people creating them. Thus, Living Schools educational philosophy is based on four principles:

· Experiential learning

· The learning community

· Action research learning

· Critical thinking

This section may develop over time, but for now you can learn more by visiting