History of the European Convergence

Pre 2006

The European Institute was originally based in Steyerberg, Germany and managed by Declan Kennedy. 

In 1996 it moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, to the office of Tony Andersen.

In 2006 the Institute was converted into The Permaculture Council for Europe.


The European Permaculture Convergences and conferences have been thus:

Year        Location                                     Title   


1992        Germany                                 EuPC 1

1994        England                                  EuPC 2

1996        Germany, Prinzhöfte               EuPC 3

1998        Slovenia                                  EuPC 4

2000        Czech Republic                       EuPC 5

2002        Slovakia                                  EuPC 6

2004        Czech Republic                       EuPC 7

2006        Czech Republic, Brno              EuPC 8

2008        Czech Republic , Hostetin       EuPC 9

2010        Belgium, Nethen                     EUPC10

2012        Kassel, Germany                     EUPC11


We are trying to compile all the info possible on past convergences (this is one important function of the Chaordic Institute) but we need your help.  



EUPC9 was held in the Hostetin Village in the Czech Republic

and organized by Pavla, George, Tony, Sonja, Hannah and Margarethe


Final Report here EuPC9 report.doc

For leaflet click here:

and this and other information for the convergence, click here:


June 2008: started this experimental pre-convergence page  ... see below for introductions


Participants 2008

We started a 'circle of introductions' of the people who were going (or would have liked to be going) to EUPC9:

the 9th European Permaculture Convergence


AndyG from England



Patricia  from Slovakia



Hannah from England


Angus and Krysia Soutar from England


Marleen from the Netherlands


Pascal from Belgium


Karsten from Germany


Christoff from Austria






(will add photos and profiles as they come in, please see below ...)




In the organizers group


Pavla, in the Czech Republic, coordinating


  Margarethe Holzer from Austria  (with Joe from Zimbabwe, who probably won´t be there..)


  Tony Anderson from Denmark



  Stella from Spain - helping with Pre-Convergence







European Permaculture Convergence

June 18-23, Hostetin in the Czech Republic


Wednesday  June 18

morning     Council meeting

afternoon    Organizators  arrival  and the place preparation

16.30-18.30    Participants arrival

18.30-19.45    Dinner

20.00        EUPC opening and the programme preparation/agreement


Thursday  June 19

7.30 – 8.45    Breakfast

9.00 -9.30    Opening circle 

9.30- 12.30    Participants Introduction

The European PC Council report

Introduction of the working groups, for example

Program planning

12.45 - 14.15    Lunch

14.30-17.15    Hostetin excursion (to learn where we are)

17.45- 19.00    First meeting of the working groups / Open Topics / Practical Options

19.00        Dinner


Friday  June 20

7.30 – 8.45    Breakfast

9.00 - 9.30    Opening circle 

9.30 – 10.00    Programme of the day / short report of the working groups

10.00 - 12.30    Permaculture Economy  > see IPC8 Archives

Self reliant permaculture economy - ´More than profit´ businesses 

12.45 - 14.15    Lunch

14.30 - 17.30    Pitin Excursion (a walk to a next village to see a PC project )

17.45 - 19.00    Working groups / Open Topics / Practical Options

19.00        Dinner


Saturday 21.6.

7.30 – 8.45    Breakfast

9.00 - 9.30    Opening circle 

9.30 – 10.00    Programme of the day / short report of the working groups

10.00 – 12.30    Transition Towns

12.45 - 14.15    Lunch

14.30 - 19.00    Open Topics / Working groups / Practical Options

        One Group: IPC 8 Presentation/ Preparation IPC 9

19.00        Dinner


Sunday 22.6.

7.30 – 8.45    Breakfast

9.00 - 9.30    Opening circle 

9.30 – 10.00    Program of the day / short report of the working groups

10.00 - 11.00    Key Note: 10.000 Trees (Tony Andersen) > see 10.000TREES.doc

11.15 – 12.30    Council Election

12.45-14.15    Lunch

14.30 - 17.30    Nezdenice Excursion

17.45        Final Report of the working groups

19.00        Dinner

Monday   June 23

7.30 – 8.45    Breakfast




This page is to summarize and keep all the basic information and links in one place

(if you start or see conversations about this topic which aren't listed here please add them)




14jul10 - there is a new Wiser Earth group for dialogues

about the preparations of this Convergence:

please do join us there, adding your photo so we can see each other's faces

(a little more human :)



Mailout 13.07.2010 from Kali de Keyser


To all the participants of EUPC10,
A tous les participants de l'EUPC10,

Hello everybody,
Bonjour à chacun de vous,

We are very glad to meet you soon at EUPC10 in Nethen - Belgium.
Nous sommes très heureux de vous rencontrer bientôt à l'EUPC10 à Nethen - Belgique.

The EUPC10 is designed this way : 17, 18 and 19th of August : the convergence for pc certificate holders followed by the Permafest' - permaculture festival open to everybody - we expect to host up to 800-1000 people. Hoping you will all stay for the 6 days !

The 3 first days of the convergence will be quiet intense - 1rst day presentations/discussions, 2nd day visits of projects and 3rd day workshops but all workshops/discussions can continue during the festival - a place/tent will be available for us.
Voici le design de l'EUPC10 : 17, 18 et 19 Août : convergence pour les permaculteurs certifiés suivi du Permafest' - festival de permaculture ouvert à tous - nous attendons jusqu'à 800-1000 participants. En espérant que vous resterez tous pour les 6 jours !
Les 3 premiers jours de la Convergence seront assez intenses - 1er jour présentations/discussions - 2ème jour visites de projets- 3ème jour ateliers - mais les discussions/ateliers pourront continuer pendant le festival - un espace/une tente sera disponible pour nous.

Convergence :

You'll find the pre-program of EUPC10 - all comments, suggestions, propositions are welcome to design it together.
Voici le pre-programme de la Convergence - tous les commentaires, suggestions, propositions sont les bienvenues pour en faire le design ensemble.

Here are a few propositions to design this convergence. We have all realised over the years (this is the 10th time) that it is difficult to gather permaculture people from all over Europe in one place at a certain time for various reasons. We would like to make this convergence inclusive and participatory. We therefore propose to start the dialogue among the participants before the actual meeting and possibly continue the work together afterwards. We also propose that online/offsite connections will be possible during the on site convergence, using skype. These propositions were suggested by Stella from Spain, founder of the Chaordic Institute.
Voici quelques propositions pour organiser cette convergence. Nous nous rendons tous compte depuis des années qu'il est difficile de rassembler des permaculteurs de toute l'Europe au même endroit au même moment pour différentes raisons. Nous souhaitons que cette convergence soit inclusive et participative. C'est pourquoi nous proposons de commencer le dialogue parmi les participants avant la rencontre effective en espérant que le travail en commun continue par après. Nous proposons également que des connections online/offsite soient possible pendant la convergence in situ, en utilisant skype. Ces propositions nous ont été suggérées par Stella d'Espagne, fondatrice du Chaordic Institute.

Practically we propose that if interested :
Pratiquement nous proposons que si vous êtes intéressés :

1* you may subscribe to the pre-convergence email group, by sending a blank email to / vous pouvez vous inscrire à l'émail groupe de pré-convergence en envoyant un courriel vide à :

We will be able this way to start the dialogue, present ourselves, discuss the program and start the discussion / Nous pourrons ainsi commencer le dialogue, nous présenter, discuter du programme et initier les discussions....

2* you may join the Chaordic Institute (open to all with a PDC) : / vous pouvez rejoindre le Chaordic Institute (ouvert à tous les certifiés)

3* you can read there the EUPC histories : / vous pouvez y lire l'histoire des EUPC's

4* a skype continuous conference could start right now, among the people going to the in site convergence and the people who will participate online / une conférence continue sur skype peut commencer dès à présent, parmi les personnes allant à la convergence in situ et les personnes qui participeront online

>From a technical point of view, could you tell us if you are bringing your laptop + camera/microphone for skype ? / d'un point de vue technique, pouvez-vous nous faire savoir si vous êtes équipés d'un ordinateur portable + caméra/micro pour skype ?

Permafest' :

If you are staying for the Permafest - on 20, 21 and 22nd of August - we are inviting you to participate actively to the festival.
Si vous restez pour le Permafest' - les 20, 21 et 22 août - nous vous invitons à participer activement au festival.

You are all very welcome to present your project or any permaculture presentation/workshop  you would like to do.
Vous êtes tous les bienvenus pour présenter vos projets de permaculture ou autres ateliers/présentation que vous souhaitez partager.

For this you can fill the participation paper on the site
Pour cela vous pouvez remplir le formulaire de participation sur le site.

The program of the festival is designed this way according to the petals of the permaculture flower of David Holmgren : sorry not yet in english ! - the idea is that the multiple aspects of permaculture be represented.
Le programme du festival est organisé selon les pétales de la fleur de permaculture de David Holmgren  voir :
L'idée est que les multiples aspects de la permaculture soient représentés.

At the heart of the flower, we would like to have many presentations - possibly kind of continuously - of permaculture from 30 min to 2 hours as you like. We would very much appreciate that you participate in this project - in the language you prefer as the festival will be multilingual. If you have documents, information panels, posters, images you would like to share, please bring them - we are preparing an exhibition on permaculture.
Au cours de la fleur, nous souhaitons qu'il y aient de nombreuses présentations de la permaculture - si possible de manière presque continue - présentation allant d'une demi-heure à deux heures comme vous préférez. Nous aimerions beaucoup que vous participiez à ce projet - dans la langue que vous souhaitez étant donné que le festival sera multilingue. Si vous avez des documents, panneaux, affiches, images que vous souhaitez partager, n'hésitez pas à les apporter - nous préparons une exposition sur la permaculture.

The place of the festival has been choosed because the community of Grez-Doiceau/Nethen has initiated a process of transition. Le lieu du festival a été choisi car les habitants de Grez-Doiceau/Nethen  sont entrés dans un processus de ville en transition.

If some of you have experience in designing at a bioregional scale we would very much welcome a workshop on this notably to help transition projects. Si certains d'entre vous ont une expérience de design à l'échelle d'une région, un atelier en ce sens serait vraiment le bienvenu durant le festival, notamment pour aider les initiatives de transition !

See you soon
A bientôt

for EUPC10 team
pour l'équipe de l'EUPC10