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Who are we Integrating?

This Integral PermaCulture Teachers page in the manual* shows the kind of diversity of people and approaches (coming from and generating diverse movements, sciences, arts, etc.) that we are drawing from in order to create a truly integral PC curriculum.  

Those are a sample of the people who we could name as 'honorary founders' of an Integral PC Institute: those who have developed the models and / or activism and research that our work is based, as integral designers.  (that page and list is work in progress, there are many more of these pioneers actually mentioned in the manual* and we invite more suggestions).

"the manual" refers to the Integral Permaculture Designers online Manual, www.PermaCultureScience.org which is also work in progress

Who are we 'integrating' exactly, in this new Integral Permaculture Institute?

This great meme is from Annie Leonard's Story of Change

'Integral' refers to the very useful integral model we use to re-map permaculture science, but also in the way we hold the principle of Integrate rather than Segregate (many hands make light work) in terms of identifying, apreciating and getting together all kinds of people who apreciate that biodiversity is key in re-designing for vibrant social environments (and much more collective intelligence) also.

There also need to be clear boundaries (who to exclude) and we have those in the clear ethics and vision of permaculture: we're all people who want to create a perma-culture (a sustainable culture) and to do that we agree to the ethics of Caring for People, Caring for the Earth, and Caring for the Future.  We are also united by the fact that we identify as designers and we are aided in this by the great design tools, frameworks and methods that permaculture has compiled from a variety of management, design & engineering disciplines. 

For real planetary change to happen, we need to look outside the group that call themseves 'permacuture designers' at the moment - which are mainly Builders, Communicators and Nurturers, in the picture above.   Totally essential as they are (as we are), we will ultimately be ineffectual without the other half of this biodiversity map.

To design a whole system for change, we need to apreciate the roles of all types of ChangeMakers, we need to Design from Patterns to Details (seeing the wood from the trees is essential for holistic design)

Of course each individual person can have varying degrees of any or even all of these talents, but there are people who are especially talented - and have the most to offer - in one or two of these areas; a big point of this is that by apreciating and valuing people who have mainly these talents and focus, we also honor - and can develop - those in ourselves.

For those of us who are called to design from this integral - and integrating - perspective, we need to Use Edges & Value the Marginal, so we need to also - more explicitly - value & use also the Investigators, Networkers and Resistors.   We need to figure out how to create more fertile edge between all these vital people, and movements.

Integral Systems Designers don't need to be fluent in all the skills, but they do need to be able to hold a holistic view and be able to design-in all the functions and roles needed to make any project successful.  

Functions like Market Research, Intel, Project Management, R&D, Funding, Public Relations, Legal, HR, Technical, QA, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, etc.

and roles like Social Entrepreneurs, Communicators, Philanthropists, Mavens, Connectors, Manager Mentors, Producers, Distributors, etc.